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TOC Public Relations Business Marketing Basics

by | Dec 3, 2020 | Marketing

TOC Marketing

TOC Public Relations Business Marketing Basics

by | Dec 3, 2020

Marketing plays a vital role in every type of business. Whether you are offering a service or a product, it’s important to strengthen your strategic business. There are three key marketing components every business needs to abide by in 2020: cohesive branding, strengthening your digital presence, and building trust by offering value. Here are three strategic tips and recommendations on how to improve your businesses marketing:

#1 Branding

Branding is vital in marketing; it’s who your business is and provides you with a distinct space apart from your competitors. Branding encompasses your business’s logo, visual elements, fonts, and color schemes to utilize throughout your marketing plan. It’s important to remain consistent and only use one logo across your website, social media, marketing materials, and everywhere else. Too many businesses clutter their branding by utilizing multiple variations of the same logo, making it more difficult for your audience and the public to understand your brand. For example, corporations such as Nike, Starbucks, and McDonald’s have a very distinct logo that remains consistent and is easily recognized worldwide. When it comes to your brand…be consistent.

#2 Strengthen Digital Presence

Another item to implement into your business is strengthening your online digital presence. In the 21st century, social media has taken the lead in connecting a company to clients and customers. Many businesses fail by trying to be all over the digital space by having Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, YouTube, Pinterest, and more. When businesses aim to be everywhere, they fail at truly connecting at a signified space where their core audience is located. Understanding where your audience is located to determine which social media channels to use is key. It’s important to decide on this because you will want to utilize the social channels that provide you with the highest return on investment. IIs it worth your time if you are not earning a solid return on investment,

What we learned in 2020 is the importance of having a solid website. More than ever before, amid the pandemic, we have seen so many businesses revamping their websites this year.

It’s essential to ensure your website is mobile-optimized and secure and ensure your platform is not outdated.

Once you have a well-established website, it’ll be easier to offer your customers and clients more value. Another great way to communicate with your clients in a digital space without worrying about cluttering your followers’ social media feed is by generating and distributing an online newsletter. This is a cost-effective way to communicate with your clients or customers by offering them value through free articles and blogs in a digital newsletter format that links to your website, thus driving more traffic to your website and strengthening your digital presence.

 #3 Create Trust, Build Value

Create trust amongst your clients and customers by providing them with a full scope of value. Offering your followers tips and resources for free is a great way to brand an organization, and this can be done digitally. The more you offer free valuable information to your clients, they will look to you for resources, are more likely to engage with your content, and refer you out to their network. This concept is called building trust, and building trust with your clients and customers generates brand loyalty. Remember, if your followers trust you, they’ll trust your organization’s products and services. Always offer value.

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About the Author

  • Tamrin Olden

    Tamrin Olden is a veteran public affairs officer, having worked for three law enforcement organizations in Southern California. Today, she has trained and consulted thousands of public safety and government personnel on all aspects of communications and public relations.