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We are Brand Builders & Storytellers

Your brand is a combination of your community’s perception of your agency and the steps you take to make a professional image.

If you don’t tell your story, someone else will.


Publish news releases, positive stories, and frequent social media posts to increase your community support.


Dump your one-size-fits-all website and get a professional site developed, and maintained by us.


Professionally produced recruitment and critical incident videos are invaluable.


A consulting contract with TOC Public Relations is like having your own in-house marketing team.

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Who We Are

TOC Public Relations integrates strategy with DIGITAL MEDIA to improve your REPUTATION and COMMUNICATION with the COMMUNITY.

Website Design & Development

The front door to your department is not the front door; it’s your website.

Replace your ineffective, poorly designed, and hard-to-navigate site with a TOC website. And trust us; you’ll hear about it at your next Coffee With A Cop event.

See The Difference Yourself…

The Castillo & Harper Law Firm in Southern California turned to TOC Public Relations to improve their firm’s online presence.

Meet with Tamrin

Schedule a consult to discuss your PR, recruitment video, website, or training needs.

Tamrin Olden

Recruiting and OIS Videos

They need to be on-point and effective.

With TOC Public Relations’ team of digital creators behind the cameras and computers, your OIS, critical incident, or recruitment videos will show the professionalism of your organization while effectively sharing the story.

HONOR. INTEGRITY. RESPECT. | Covina Police Department Recruitment Video

The Best Police Recruitment Videos; The Coronado Police Department

Become a San Joaquin County Sheriff's Corrections Deputy

Looking For A Job as A Police Officer? Bell Gardens Police May Be The Answer







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Full-service, concierage, PR for law enforcement, public safety, and government communities.


Because we have law enforcement and government expertise and experience, we build the finest recruitment and full-department websites.


Telling your department’s story, sharing your people, and covering your critical incidents is our specialty.


The best PIO and Law Enforcement Social Media Training available!


From citical incidents and OIS’ to complete department rebranding.


Learn more about the woman behind TOC PR.


The latest PIO, social media, and digital recruitment news and tips.


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