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Frequently Asked Questions

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How Long Does It Take To Get Content Updated On Our Website?

If it’s a critical incident we’ll post it immediately. For standard updates, like crime stats or safety tips, we’ll have it on your site within 5 to 7 days, if not sooner.

How Can You Help With Active Critical Incidents?

Depending on your contract, our team can become an extension of your command post per se; We can assist your PIOs or social media team with posting content, creating informational graphics, etc.

What Type of Staff Do You Employ and Can They Be Trusted With Confidential Info?

All of our staff have law enforcement experience or have passed a law enforcement screening process, and all have current background checks completed.

Can You Help Us With Our Public Safety Recruitment Efforts?

We have personal first-hand experience with recruiting potential candidates for law enforcement agencies. Combine this with our team keeping up to date with the latest hiring trends and strategies, and we can definitely help your efforts.