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Online Video Made Easy Podcast – Episode 8

by | Feb 12, 2020 | In The Media

Online Video Made Easy Podcast cover image

Show Notes from The Producer:

When using video for marketing, creating trust before the transaction is key! Entrepreneur Tamrin Olden gives excellent insight and advice about how to show value and build connection with your audience, as well as specific tips on what kind of content to create and video approaches that work well.

Tamrin has 16 years in local government and public safety doing public relations and communications.

She’s the owner of Law Enforcement Social, which offers Public Information Officer and social media training, websites, and digital for government and public safety based organizations.

Key concepts discussed during the podcast include:

Marketing Approach For Social Media:

  • Trust before transaction; don’t product push. You need to show value and get buy-in first
  • Jab-jab-punch posting method (tip/resource > tip/resource > sale)

Content Ideas:

  • What are your FAQ’s and what do you want people to know about you, your service or product
  • You can ask people what type of content they like/want in a feed post or story post with a question sticker
  • Take big corporate marketing concepts that you like and adapt them to your company
  • I like to keep an ongoing note on my phone to add video ideas as I come up with them
  • Batch recording monthly works well for me; I do two hours of recording once a month
  • I will even change my outfit and location to make it look like different recording sessions


  • Apps: video shop, iMovie, Adobe Premier Rush
    Computer editing: Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Camtasia
  • 60 seconds is ideal length
  • Add closed captions/sub-titles for longer view rates
  • Make sure you choose the appropriate size and length for the platform
  • It’s a good idea to add a title to the cover photo so people know what the video is about before watching it (if they just see a talking head they might not be enticed to watch)
  • Vertical/portrait sized video is best as it takes up more real estate on your phone screen but create a cover photo square size so it previews in your grid better


  • Keep your captions short and sweet; let the video speak for itself
  • Engage and monitor insights so you can tailor your content and posting based on those statistics

Closing Thoughts:

  • Give yourself grace; you don’t have to sound perfect!
  • Marry the mission; date the model (be flexible in your methods)

About the Author

  • Tamrin Olden

    Tamrin Olden is a veteran public affairs officer, having worked for three law enforcement organizations in Southern California. Today, she has trained and consulted thousands of public safety and government personnel on all aspects of communications and public relations.