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Your Recruitment Website Should Be The Same As What You’re Looking For in Police Job Applicants…




Why TOC ?

Because We’ve Worn The Badge…

We’ve worked the streets in patrol. We understand recruitment challenges because we’ve been recruiters.

We get social media and law enforcement because we teach it everyday to police officers and deputy sheriffs. 

We’ve got over 20 years website design and development experience. We’ve built hundreds of websites, and have one niche; public safety.

We understand the 6 am text from a lieutenant because the chief wants something on the site now.

See For Yourself Why We’re Different…


Big Pictures Aren’t The Answer.

TOC Public Relations understands that impressive visuals alone don’t attract quality applicants. Competent and qualified individuals make career decisions based on more than just large, beautiful pictures found on police department recruiting websites.

A San Joaquin County Sheriff's K-9 looks out the window of a patrol vehicle

Our Latest Recruitment Websites

With releases coming out monthly, be sure to check our site frequently to see what department’s are upping their game in the recruitment world.


Big, Animated Text Won’t Work Either.

When you don’t know what to say or how to say it, take up page space by using big spacing and large fonts. Add some animation for the “wow” factor, and you can call it a day.

We believe you miss a huge opportunity at educating your applicants about your department, community, and culture when you skimp out on the information.

Key TOC Features

Unlike others in the industry, we don’t copy over our sites from one client to the next to maximize our profit.

We care more about our client’s sucessful recruitment efforts than just building the site and walking away.

When you go with TOC Public Relations to build your recruitment website, you can consider us part of your team.


Hiring Process

We lay out your hiring process in an understandable format.



We describe the training process; from the academy to the FTO Program.



Every department is different. We highlight the type of applicant you’re looking for.



We describe your community to applicants so they can make a well-informed career decission.



We convert business marketing tools to work for you.



We’ll make sure your website is found by your applicants.


User Experience

UX = User Experience

We spend time researching, understanding, and implmenting features and asthetics that appeal to visitors of police recruitment websites.

How can we make a department’s key focus points stand out to attract their ideal candidate? Why is it some departments that are located in not so-popular areas can attract candidates, but a police department in a beach city can’t get more than ten people to apply?

We take all of these factors into account and couple them with our web design experience to craft the perfect police recruiting website.

Ready for A Consult?

Reach out to TOC Public Relations if you’re ready to put an end to your recruiting nightmare.