What is the Clubhouse App?

Mar 11, 2021

What in the world is the Clubhouse App? Don’t worry; it wasn’t too long ago that we asked ourselves the same question while wondering how 10 million users had access and we didn’t. 

The app is a highly business-centric platform that is almost reminiscent of an interactive podcast between you and the world. It’s been described as having similar aspects to a podcast because of its audio-only means of communication, filled with a broad scope of valuable chats and forums the user can choose to join. 

At the moment, Clubhouse is so exclusive that it’s invite-only. One does not necessarily need to be an “elitist” to join the app; you simply need to receive an invite link to join, and when you join, you’ll also receive one invite to pass along to a friend. 

Currently, this app is only available for Apple users to download and is now being configured for Androids.  

What makes this app great is that its TED Talk-like community forums allow professional speakers to directly connect with users and provide them an opportunity to directly communicate with other professionals from an array of sectors across the world.

Some of the world’s biggest stars interacting on Clubhouse include Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and even Kevin O’Leary, Barbara Corcoran, and Daymond John from NBC’s Shark Tank. 

“The turning point for the app was when billionaire Elon Musk “walked” into Clubhouse in late January to talk about aliens and humans living on Mars. Users flocked to his room and it reached capacity – rooms have a maximum capacity of 5,000. The next day, Mark Zuckerberg walks in and starts talking about AR and VR, right while I was trying to listen to Guy Kawasaki, the Apple evangelist and now Canva evangelist.”


There is lots of value for both individuals and businesses with this app as it provides the speaker the opportunity to chat in real-time, share stories, collaborate, and share ideas by simply using your voice. 

While you wait to attain an invite to join the app, you can still download it, reserve a username and learn how Clubhouse can be beneficial to you, your career, and/or your business. 

There are many ways Clubhouse could add value to your life now and in the future by providing you with the opportunity to network with experts, connect and learn from other professionals, gain a fresh perspective on topics for free, and curate content with others in the network. 

Click here to download and reserve your username on Clubhouse today!