This Is Why Paid Social Media Posts Are Crucial to Your Business

Dec 10, 2020

In the digital media era that we are in the midst of, it’s so important that the content you are posting on social media is getting seen by your followers.

The number of impressions you receive, which is the number of times your post is seen, no matter if it was clicked on or not, is of much importance in your overall return on investment.

The whole point of posting on social media is to ensure your posts are seen by your followers, but with many social media platforms current algorithm, it could be nearly impossible for businesses, agencies and people to reach the audiences they desire to.

In 2018, Facebook updated its algorithm which has made it incredibly difficult for organic social media posts to see the light of day.

“The Facebook algorithm controls the ordering and presentation of posts, so users see what is most relevant to them. Rather than publish content chronologically, posts and ads are presented based on what Facebook sees as relevant to you, the user.”
Sprout Social

In 2016, Instagram switched up its algorithm…also eliminating the reverse-chronological order of posts, prioritizing advertisements and other items they believe the user cares about.

“You may have noticed that your Instagram content hasn’t scored the same engagement as it did in the past. This has rightfully left brands wondering: what’s the heck is going on with the Instagram algorithm? In 2016, Instagram announced that users’ feeds would prioritize the moments you care about. This signaled the end of the old reverse-chronological feed an adoption of an algorithmic feed similar to Facebook.”
Sprout Social

With social media algorithms continuing to change almost every year, it’s important to strategize methods that will assist your content in getting seen.

To mitigate this issue, below are three recommendations to help you gain more visibility on social media.

Utilize Paid Ads
All social media platforms offer what is called paid advertisements. Paid advertisements allow the user to boost a social media post, which gains visible priority in the network that you select. When one boosts a social media post, the platform allows the user to choose specifics, such as the location, age, gender, socio-economic groups and more to target specific or general audiences to ensure your post is seen; which is always followed with a metrics report at the end of the advertisement’s run. In the digital media era, it’s essential for businesses, agencies and public figures to utilize social media paid ads. Oh…and it’s also very cost efficient, for as little as $1 per day on Facebook, you could have the ability to reach thousands inside and outside of your network.

Launches, Events and Breaking News
It’s important to boost social media posts for your business or agencies pivotal items throughout the year, such as launches, big community events, and impactful breaking news. These are important subjects that you need to maximize the visibility for your social media posts. Boosting your post by purchasing a social media advertisement for items as such, will garner you the greatest return on investment and aid in the success of sharing the news or telling the story that the world needs to hear. Also, if you have one month where you do not have a significant launch, event or breaking news…choose one social media post to boost, just to keep your page on the mind of your followers.

Do Not Boost Every Post
As important as it is to boost social media posts, it’s equally important to understand that you do not need to boost every single post. Boosting too many social media posts with advertisements on social media will likely annoy even your most loyal followers. Plan ahead and schedule your boosted posts so you are not flooding your followers feed with paid advertisements every single day. To provide you with somewhat of a guideline, a sufficient amount of boosted social media advertisements is estimated to be around one or two per month.