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TOC CON 2023 Speaker Matthew Fiorenza

TOC Con Presenter
Matthew Fiorenza

Matthew is a retired firefighter and paramedic, and is currently the director of development and training for Recovery First.

Matthew Fiorenza will speak about

The Vital Role of Mental Health in the First Responder Community

Through his own experience, Matthew will discuss what it is like to be diagnosed with PTSD, what happened to bring it into his life, and what it is like now moving forward. 

Matthew Fiorenza’s Bio

Matt Fiorenza is a retired firefighter and paramedic who served The City of Anaheim, California for 21 years. After ten years on the job, he began having issues with anxiety, stress, and depression and was later diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Matthew Fiorenza

Today, Matty is a sober mentor to men and woman in the first-responder community and spent three years as a shepherd at the Save A Warrior Program.

Matt helped to start a very successful first-responder only treatment center in Newport Beach, California, and proactively reaches out to brothers and sisters who may be struggling.

He is an instructor with Santa Ana College where he facilitates mental health blocks to new recruits so they have healthier coping skills. He has spoken at many different first responder agencies all over the country and loves teaching meditation.

Matt was featured in the documentary film, PTSD911.

His passion is to provide other first-responders with education, resources, hope, and a path towards healing.

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