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TOC CON 2023 Speaker Kerry Shearer

TOC Con Presenter
Kerry Shearer

The Livestream Expert

Kerry Shearer will speak about

Smartphone Video Lab: A.I. Edition

One of the most valuable skills a PIO can build is the ability to rapidly and confidently create engaging videos for their agency’s social media. In this session, Kerry Shearer, “The Livestream Expert”, will cover the latest techniques for creating videos that look and sound great! Since last year’s conference, A.I. (artificial intelligence) has broken out in a huge way. Kerry will demonstrate video production apps and web-based programs that will help PIOs with their video projects – everything from rescuing bad audio to magically redirecting a presenter’s eyes to the camera lens, creating automatic transcriptions, doing electronic facial tuneups, automated editing, A.I. voiceovers and more! Kerry will also bring his latest smartphone video production tech tools so you know what works. Yes – this session will cover a lot, but whether you’ve got a lot of experience in video content creation or are completely new to it, Kerry promises you will come away from the session inspired and energized!

Kerry Shearer’s Bio

Kerry Shearer is a former longtime PIO for Sacramento County who, for more than 10 years, has been immersed in the world of social media video content creation.
Kerry Shearer Headshot
Kerry Shearer has a wide-ranging background as a web video expert, emergency communications trainer, social media specialist, conference speaker and broadcaster. He implemented cutting-edge social media strategies to communicate public health messaging during the H1N1 flu pandemic, and served in Joint Information Centers for northern California’s historic wildfires, turning all significant news releases and announcements into live and recorded videos. Kerry is also part of a team that provides DHS-certified crisis communications training to PIOs who would staff a Joint Information Center during a disaster. In addition to fast-turnaround smartphone video production, Kerry’s specialty is live video. Livestreaming offers unprecedented opportunities to create high-impact, engaging content, and is especially critical in emergencies. Kerry knows the effective techniques, tips, and tech to help anyone create compelling content with smartphone video.

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