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Dr. Reggie Thomas

Leadership Lessons Learned from a Marathon

Dr. Reggie Thomas will speak about

Leadership Lessons Learned from a Marathon

Leadership can be difficult and challenging. As a leader, one has to be focused, committed, and have perseverance to navigate the challenges and demands of being a leader. Running marathons is a metaphor for life and leadership because it requires preparation, commitment and strength. This workshop will provide proven and practical tips for leading people, facing tough decisions, facing criticism, and leading during hard times.

Dr. Reggie Thomas’ Bio

Reggie’s greatest strength is relationships. Over the years he has cultivated and nurtured multiple relationships at various levels of his life – both personally and professionally.
Dr. Reggie Thomas

His passion is to help leaders develop healthy relationships in the workplace as well as help individuals enjoy fulfilling and enriching relationships. Reggie holds a doctorate degree in Leadership and his doctoral dissertation was in “The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership. He has used that research to help scores of leaders improve their leadership skills and improve culture and morale in the workplace.
Reggie is President of PeakePotential, which is a firm that focuses on executive coaching, leadership coaching, training and consulting. In addition to running his own company, he is also active in the community. He serves on the Board of Directors for the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce, the Board of Trustees for California Baptist University and is a member of the Rancho del Chino Rotary Club.

He is a gifted speaker and has been a speaker on a national basis for 32 years. He is available for keynote speeches, presentations, conferences, workshops and seminars. Reggie is the author of the “Best Selling” book, People Pains: Fixing the Drama in your Business”.

Reggie wants his life legacy to be about serving others to help make their lives better. Nothing brings him more joy than celebrating the progress and success of others. Reggie has been married to Jeannine for 33 years and they have two grown daughters: Amanda and Emilee. He loves his family and takes pride in being a husband and father. Reggie and Jeannine enjoy traveling and over the past few years have broadened that interest by doing international travel. Reggie is an avid runner. He has run 41 marathons and 6 ultra-marathons. He has also run the prestigious Boston Marathon 12 times.

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