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The Client:

The Rojas Communication’s Group is headed up by Jaime Rojas. Rojas Communications is based out of Southern California, but provides public relations for various public organizations and agencies.


The Problem:

While Rojas Communications is a public relations firm like TOC, they do not develop websites or provide photography and videography services. RCG knew they would need a website built by a developer who could build a website which showcased their business, staff, and great work.


The Solution:

Since TOC Public Relations speaks the same language as RCG, building their website was right in our wheel house. We knew what they would need in terms of pages and features, and we placed an emphasis on the design of their blog, as this is where they showcase their PR skills.

Kasey Sirody Ventura County Deputy Association

The Result:

“TOC delivered to us a website beyond our expectations! We knew we were working with a professional organization. Since then, we’ve teamed up with them on a few projects and have nothing but great things to say. If you are looking for a web developer who truly goes the extra mile, then look no further than TOC!”

– Jaime Rojas


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