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Ray Cash Care

The Client:

Ray Cash Care is a social media influencer, motivational speaker, and business coach with over 200,000 followers. A former Navy SEAL, his experiences and discipline make people stop and listen. And if you’ve watched the movie Captain Phillips, then you’ve seen him in his role as one of the Navy Seals who rescues Tom Hanks (Captain Phillips).


The Problem:

Motivational speakers become victims of generic website templates made for speakers, or they have a friend make their website for them, in hopes of saving some money. Unfortunately, these sites don’t do justice for these powerful men and women who help so many improve their lives.


The Solution:

Ray immediately admitted he knew nothing about websites or exactly what he wanted. But he did know he needed a professional presence, and he needed to stand above the crowd of speakers. After researching other speakers’ websites, TOC Public Relations created a professional brand kit for Ray, as well as handled his photography, videography, and newsletter. We brought everything together with a great website design with expertly written copy and search engine optimization.

Nick Odenath, Ventura County DSA President

The Result:

“TOC Public Relations took care of everything when I asked for a website to be built. They truly are experts in their craft, as they asked me questions the layperson wouldn’t think about in terms of processes, online reputation, and branding.

Their service is bar none, as they always answer the phone, text messages, or emails when I need anything, whether web related or not. As a former Navy Seal, they truly have “my six.”

– Ray Cash


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