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    Training Classes

    We train law enforcement and fire service public information officers (PIOs) and social media managers the skills required to properly accomplish their missions.

    Here’s a sneak peek of our training.

    Social Media
    Mobile Video

    Advanced Social Media

    Not only does social media enable agencies to interact and build strong relationships with the public, but it is also a valuable tool during times of crisis when the public quickly needs critical information.

    Upon completing this class, you will have the confidence and training needed to take your department’s social media program to the next level.

    You will learn advanced tips, tricks, and tools to help you produce polished, engaging, and professional news releases, videos, graphics, and more! We’ll share the latest information about where you need to be on social media for 2023. Notable social media influencers recognize our instructors as thought leaders, ambassadors of the profession, and disrupters of the norm in public safety communications.

    Topics Include:

    • Advanced photo and infographics
    • Basic video creation
    • Public safety branding and marketing
    • Legal and policy aspects of social media
    • Boosting reach and engagement
    • Livestreaming
    • News releases on social media
    • Developing and managing social media teams
    • Platform best practices
    • App and equipment recommendations

    Public Information Officer

    Today’s news releases and press conferences are different from the days of pre-COVID. The use of video and audio platforms, as well as the abundance of information given to the community has significantly increased.

    What You’ll Learn:

    • Laws, policies, and procedures
    • How to develop and use a communications team
    • How to create easy-to-read posts
    • How to create engaging news releases
    • The secrets to great media interviews and press conferences
    • Breaking the norm with live news releases using social media
    • How to prepare and respond to messages on social media
    • The benefit of social listening
    • How to manage and communicate during a crisis situation
    • What a PIO “go bag” is and what it should contain
    • The benefits of establishing partnerships with the media
    • Managing personal exposure to critical and traumatic incidents


    Great photos can have a dramatic impact on your department’s messaging, community relations, and recruitment efforts, as well as criminal prosecutions and investigations. They are an integral part of your department’s messaging and can immediately raise the perception of your department and its branding.

    This class is taught by highly knowledgeable professional photographers who work in law enforcement. Their work is recognizable and respected in the law enforcement arena.

    What You’ll Learn:

    • Manual photo shooting
    • Lighting considerations and techniques
    • Composition
    • Photo editing using pre-set filters
    • How to complete an actual photoshoot

    Equipment Required:

    • Laptop
    • Memory card reader or adapter
    • Digital camera

    Mobile Video

    We will teach you how to plan, shoot, and edit video using your smartphone with easy-to-use apps and software. Whether it’s a PSA, community outreach, recruitment, or news release, you’ll learn all the tips and tricks needed to further your agency’s message.

    Our workshops are taught by highly knowledgeable professional videographers that have extensive experience with creating content specifically for public safety and government organizations.

    What You’ll Learn:

    • Shotlist, scripting, and storyboard creation
    • Scene considerations
    • Filming
    • Editing and producing
    • App, software, and equipment recommendations
    • Complete video project

    *Shooting and editing will be done using smartphones

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