Four Strategies to Effectively Market Your Law Firm

Apr 19, 2021

How are you marketing your law firm? Do you have an intuitive website? Do you have a relationship with the media? Are you optimizing social media? Have you implemented a digital newsletter into your marketing strategy? All of these are questions you should be asking yourself to maximize client engagement through law firm marketing.

A survey found that 54 percent of law firms actively market to find new clients, and 65 percent of law firms commit over 50 percent of their marketing budget to online marketing activities. If your firm isn’t paying attention to digital marketing and social media, you really should.

Whether it’s Google Reviews, a well designed website, or engaging social media profiles, it’s important to take full advantage of marketing tools the internet has to offer because the value opportunity it brings to your clients is substantial.

Below are four ways to effectively market your law firm to stand out from the crowd and strengthen your relationship with clients.

Have A Well Designed Website
Think of your website as a first impression. If your website is difficult to navigate, has repetitive content, or isn’t user-friendly, people will exit quickly. When building your website, be sure to keep it clean, simple, and the messaging must be succinct.

If potential clients have to click more than three times to locate an item, odds are they aren’t going to keep looking. Keep in mind that the average time a person spends on any website is only 45 seconds; first impressions are everything, it’s crucial to build a simple yet intuitive site.

When it comes to being user-friendly, it’s essential to make your website accessible through mobile optimization. A recent survey showed that 71 percent of people said they used mobile phones to search for a lawyer, so when a potential client visits your website through a mobile device, you want it to look good!

Check out one of our client’s websites, Silver & Wright Attorneys At Law, for reference.

Media Relations
Do you have a relationship with news publications, reporters, and the community? Having all three of the listed media relations are vital to the success of your law firm marketing. Media relationships pose the opportunity to greatly expand your audience reach that pertains to your communications, press releases, and features.

From writing the press release to talking with the media at the press conference, media relations are among the most crucial aspects of marketing your firm.

Building your reputation with the media will give you an advantage as you build trust with them and have the opportunity to share your side of the story. When a controversial case rolls around, you’ll already have strong relationships with the media.

A big part of marketing and public relations is being proactive and not reactive. Building trust with those you represent and the media will make it easier for your firm to stand strong in the eyes of the public during a controversial case. With a strong relationship, the media will begin to provide your firm advantage in terms of coverage somewhere down the line.

Social Media
Social media has taken the front row seat when it comes to brand awareness and effective marketing. If your firm isn’t on social media, they need to be. You not only need to be on social media, but you also need to be active on social media. What good does it serve to have a public social media account that offers zero value? It’s basically just existing and taking up space.

Social media allows you to create and strengthen your brand while showing the public what your firm is truly about by being transparent. This is where you get to control the narrative.

You have the potential to share parts of your firm that the website can not. Maybe it’s a behind the scenes look into your day to day law firm life, an attorney highlight, or a successful case highlight that will generate interest for months, even after it’s initially published.

These are all strategies that will draw in potential clients by keeping them connected to your firm. A great way to market your social media platforms is to have them linked on your website and vice versa. Be sure to utilize the link in bio space across all social media platforms with the link to your website.

Finally, it’s important to remember that social media is constantly changing and evolving; optimization is key. Be creative, take risks and have fun when creating content.

Digital Newsletter
A digital newsletter is one of the most modern and effective tools used to market a law firm.

The value that a newsletter can offer clients is one that often helps retain clients and strengthens the relationship between firm and client. Think of it this way: with a digital newsletter, you are essentially providing clients or potential clients free information, thus adding value to their lives.

“Email marketing is a key component of any successful marketing strategy — in fact, email marketing provides companies with a potential ROI of $44 for every $1 spent. In particular, email newsletters are an essential way for your business to keep your subscribers up-to-date with relevant information, and ultimately drive more leads. Newsletters give marketers the ability to capture email sign-ups through form submissions, and nurture leads.”


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There are so many law firms in California that it can seem overwhelming. We live in a digital age and see that the ones who make the strongest impression online will get the client. Word of mouth marketing quickly turns into looking the firm up on the internet. Make sure your firm’s brand is on point to draw prospective clients in.

For more information on how to market your law firm, check out the services we offer.