Elevate Your Business and Organization With Newsletter Marketing

Jan 28, 2021

For decades, newsletter marketing has been a great way to strengthen connections between an organization and its clients.

Easy to read newsletters pose lots of value to clients as it can be a source of information, resources, and exclusive content.

When providing clients with free resources, exclusive news, and engagement opportunities, they buy into it because it’s added value to their life; thus, strengthening your marketing efforts in a very cost-efficient method.

When people think of newsletters, they immediately think of old school paper newsletters; most of those have been eliminated by now.

Think digital. Your digital newsletter does not have to be ten pages long or distributed every month; a simple newsletter with a few articles, updates, and visual elements distributed each quarter can enhance your marketing, which will benefit your organization’s engagement and leads.

Since you have an interest in strengthening your organization’s marketing reach, we’ve compiled a list of benefits, tips, and easy to use platforms to get started on your newsletter today:

Newsletter Marketing Benefits
The possibilities are endless when it comes to newsletter marketing, and the benefits your organization will reap are multifaceted.

Here are five benefits a simple newsletter can bring to your organization:

  • Low cost
  • Strengthen connection with an engaged audience
  • Generate traffic to your website
  • Improve sales
  • Add value to your audience

Digital newsletters are low cost due to eliminating production and all printing costs. Using a program to format your newsletter (as seen in the section below) allows you to produce one for under $20 per month.

Your digital newsletter will also assist you in forging a stronger connection to your audience. Providing free resources and valuable information to your audience will make them more inclined to buy into your organization, making them an even stronger supporter than before.

Other benefits of implementing a simple digital newsletter into your marketing strategy has a strong possibility of generating more traffic to your website; as you are generating more interest in your organization and linking your newsletter to your website. Also, by linking a website to your newsletter, it possesses the possibility of improving your direct sales, a win all around.

Newsletter Marketing Tips
Toying with the idea of implementing a newsletter into your marketing strategy can be a daunting task as it seems like it could be tons of work. Yes, it is a lot of work, but with proper planning and strategizing, it does not have to be. One of the best ways to garner the most out of your newsletter is to set a goal. Of the five benefits we listed in the section above, determine what benefits your goal is centered around and go from there. Formulating your newsletter goals will allow you to generate a plan to create a more succinct newsletter quickly.

Below you will find five tips to generate the most efficient and succinct newsletter:

  • Make it digital
  • Three to five pages, it doesn’t need to be ten pages long
  • Start by distributing newsletter once per quarter, increase as necessary
  • Use many visuals and graphics
  • Cross-promote newsletter email signup on website and social media

Newsletter Marketing Platforms
Locating a platform to generate a digital newsletter can be challenging to accomplish as there are so many on the market. Finding an intuitive, easy to access and use platform is key in building an online digital newsletter.

These multi-channel platforms also allow you to use tools such as marketing customer relationship management, time optimization, behavioral targeting, custom email templates, custom branding, and 24/7 email and chat support.

Here is our list of top platforms we recommend you look into to build your digital newsletter:

We are confident these three digital marketing platforms will help navigate you towards successfully building your organization’s first digital newsletter to strengthen your marketing efforts and connection to your audience.