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Client Portfolio – Ventura County DSA

Ventura County DSA

The Client:

The Ventura County Deputy Sheriff’s Association is the union body for the men and women of the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department. Located approximately 68 miles north of Los Angeles in Southern California, the sheriff’s department provides law enforcement services to the 839,000 residents.


The Problem:

Just like police and sheriff departments, law enforcement associations and unions often have websites that are mass created, poorly developed, and poorly maintained. Part of this problem is due to lack of knowledge and attention given to their websites by newly elected board members. The other part is often the companies providing the websites to associations are in it to make a profit, and not necessarily in it to provide great representation.

The Solution:

After not being happy with their previous website developer’s product and service, the VCDSA turned to TOC Public Relations to create an effective website and newsletter service for their membership. With intimate experience with law enforcement unions and the political climate and sensitivities they endure, TOC built a great website which represents the professionalism of their organization.

Kasey Sirody Ventura County Deputy Association

The Result:

“As a law enforcement association, we feel 100% confident that TOC Public Relations has our association’s best interest in mind whenever we ask for something. Whether it be a page added to our website or a special photoshoot, the answer is never “no.” We especially like the fact that they stay in tune with what happens in our communities and, often, have content created before we even ask. Our website is amazing and our members have easy access to documents and resources whenever they need them.”

– Kasey Sirody


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