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Rialto Police Department

The Client:

The Rialto Police Department is located in San Bernardino County, about 56 miles from downtown Los Angeles, in Southern California. The 160 men and women of the Rialto Police Department provide law enforcement services to the 107,000 residents of the city of Rialto.


The Problem:

The department’s original website was actually a series of pages attached to the city’s website, which is a typical mass-produced platform popular for cities who want the ability to update portions of the website on the fly. Unfortunately, the police department found severe limitations with what they could publish on their pages, and the service provided by the manufacturer lacked the police department’s needs.


The Solution:

TOC Public Relations found the Rialto Police Department wanted to showcase their department’s community policing efforts, and wanted to provide up-to-date news and information to their community. The website built and maintained by TOC meets the department’s needs and more, while providing them the ability to easily update the community.

Rialto Police Department Chief Mark Kling

The Result:

“Unlike many government websites, TOC Public Relations created a website for our department that truly connects with our community. Residents and business owners can quickly find the answers they need while, at the same time, seeing the great work and programs our department offers. What sets TOC apart from other web developers is that their staff has law enforcement expertise, and they always pick up the phone when I need them. That means a lot to a chief of police.”

– Mark Kling, Chief of Police



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